Windows X2Go Audio

X2Go may fail saying pulseaudio not running on either Windows 7 or Windows 10.

The problem is that the mixer is not enabled on windows. Go to Control Panel –> Sound –> Sound devices –> Record –> Right button –> Show hidden devices –> Mixer activate


     Presently a large number of NextCloud applications are unavailable.

     This is because in a recent update something went wrong breaking one or more of the apps.  With all of the apps enabled it just loads a white page, no errors or clues as to what is wrong even if I turn on php display_errors.

     So to troubleshoot I’ve disabled all apps, which has allowed the page to load and am slowly enabling them to determine which is broken.  This will take a while, please be patient.


OpenSuse Down is going to be down longer than I thought, days, maybe weeks.

     15.1 is installed but I can’t get into any of the graphical tools I need to complete the configuration because x2goserver is broken on it, no x2goagent necessary for x2goserver.

     No idea yet how I’m going to work around this one, maybe vnc or rdp.  At any rate it’s not going to be easy or fast.



     OwnCloud has once again pissed itself during the upgrade process.

     Checking usage, I see nobody has made use of this in the last 90 days so I am going to discontinue support for OwnCloud and leave NextCloud alone to provide cloud services.